Obama wins Nobel Peace Price

October 10, 2009

This would have been a great follow up to Saturday Night Live’s parody of Obama last week. The Norwegian Nobel Price Commitee has apparently decided to compete with SNL in creating comedy. Well, we can’t really take the Nobel Peace Price too serious after it has been awarded to Yasser Arafat, Jimmy Carter and Al Gore. However, there are potentially serious consequences to this absurdity. How will this affect Obama’s decisions on the war in Afghanistan and Iraq? Will the “great peacemaker” send in the additional troops to Afghanistan that his general thinks are necessary to win? Will Obama take a tough stand against Iran’s nuclear ambitions and contemplate a military strike to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities? This is also another distractions from the Democrat’s attempt to permanently shift the country toward socialism by taking control of sixteen percent of the economy. Crucial votes on Obamacare are coming up in the coming weeks. We need to stay focused on defeating Obamacare. Don’t let the mainstream media’s infatuation with the Obama messiah distract you from the real issues!

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