Our Dear Leader Stumbles On

October 5, 2009

President Barack Obama continues to demonstrate either his total lack of experience or more likely his unbelievable arrogance. Last week he went to Copenhagen to support Chicago’s pitch to get the 2016 Olympics. He told the world that he, Michelle and their daughters would love to welcome the world to their neighborhood. The American media was in love, but the world did not care and eliminated Chicago with the least votes of the four contestants. This is probably a blessing for the President. One can only imagine the next seven years of stories of corrupt with links to Obama’s closest advisers that would come out of the Windy City.

Much more seriously, on the same day Obama’s delegation to the talks with Iran on their nuclear weapons program handed Iran another delay in doing anything serious about their progress towards becoming a nuclear power. At this point, sanctions really would be too little too late. We need to step up support for the Iranian resistance that has grown so much since the June election fraud and possibly implement a blockade of sea lanes. Meanwhile, the Obama administration is still discussing the possibility of imposing some sort of sanctions soon. The Iranian government must be really scared! I hope that behind the scenes we are putting in place plans to take out the Iranian nuclear program before it is too late. More likely, we’ll have to rely on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu to act.

Indecisiveness is the mode in which Obama approaches the war in Afghanistan. After an early bold move to replace the lead general in Afghanistan, Obama says he needs more time to consider the request from General McChrystal for more troops. It looks increasingly like Obama is about to cave to the left of the Democrat party and accept defeat in Afghanistan.

At least some cracks are starting to appear in the adoration of the media for Obama. Here is Saturday Night Live’s latest:

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