Climategate Casualties

December 4, 2009

The first casualties of Climategate have been CRU director Phil Jones and Penn State professor Michael Mann. Both are under investigation by their universities and Jones has at least temporarily stepped down from his position. Is it too much too hope that Mann will move from Penn State to State Pen?

Al Gore has canceled a speech in Copenhagen
and continues to avoid engaging in serious debate on his views. The Australian parliament has defeated climate legislation.

The Democrats may turn out to be one of the biggest losers. President Obama has stated that he will go to Copenhagen with a politically binding commitment to reduce US carbon emission by 83 percent by 2050. The Senate will have to vote in 2010, an election year, to ratify whatever Obama agrees to. The next big global meeting on climate change will take place six days after the November 2010 election. Will the 2010 election be a referendum on the global warming alarmists?

Neil Cavuto covers these topics in this video:

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