Something’s Rotten in Denmark: A Climate Summit Roundup

December 17, 2009

“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” from Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

Al GoreiStock_000003257239XSmallThe Copenhagen Climate Summit is rapidly deteriorating into chaos. Unbridgeable disagreements on how much developing countries should be able to extort from the West, demonstrations by the lunatic left, blunders by Al Gore and the reverberations from Climategate are just some of the news out of Denmark as President Obama gets ready to join the Copenhagen circus at the end of this week.

Here are links to current stories on Copenhagen and the global warming cult:

Another collapse: Copenhagen in “chaos”; Update: Climate change skeptic hit with object during Cavuto interview

Copenhagen summit veering towards farce, warns Ed Miliband

China declares Copenhagen Climate Conference hopeless

The inconvenient truth about malaria – another Al Gore blunder. For more Gore blunders read here and here.

Russian IEA claims CRU tampered with climate data – cherrypicked warmest stations

Journalists Freeze Waiting To Get Into Global Warming Conference

The Gore Effect strikes as the UN climate summit begins – not a scientific argument, but it is amusing how snow and ice seem to follow Al Gore.

Copenhagen highlights the latest evidence of global torture

Read a summary of the argument against global warming alarmists.

More coverage on Climategate, Copenhagen and the assault on freedom is here.

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