Democrats Panic Over Scott Brown’s Massachusetts Senate Race

January 12, 2010

Democrats are starting to sound panicked over Massachusetts Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown’s prospects to be elected to Ted Kennedy’s senate seat on Tuesday, January 19.

John Spears, Massachusetts State Director for Obama’s continuing campaign group, Organizing for America, tonight sent an appeal to supporters in Florida and presumably other states as well asking for help.

I’m John Spears, OFA’s state director here in Massachusetts. I don’t normally write to you, but I’m reaching out today because we urgently need your help.

In just 7 days, folks here will vote in a special election to pick their next senator. The race is coming down to the wire, and we have to do everything we can to ensure that progressive champion Martha Coakley wins.

Unless we all join together in this moment, Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat could fall into the hands of Scott Brown, Martha’s opponent and a right-wing reactionary who has sworn to defeat health insurance reform — the late Senator’s life’s work.

But with this special election happening at an unusual time, many voters don’t know where or when to vote, and some don’t yet realize an election is happening at all.

OFA Massachusetts volunteers are going door to door and making thousands of calls, talking to voters to make sure they know how critical the outcome of their decision will be next Tuesday. But with so little time remaining, we need folks like you to reach out, too.

There are phone banks happening all over Florida leading up to the election — can you RSVP for one near you?

Scott Brown’s campaign presents a unique opportunity for the Tea Party movement, Independents, moderate Democrats and Republicans to add one critical vote in the Senate to control the excesses of left-wing Congressional Democrats and the Obama administration. Rather than having to wait until January 2011, when the winners of the November 2010 election will be sworn in, a win for Scott Brown would give the opposition to Obama the crucial 41st vote in the Senate that can stop left-wing nutty legislation now rather than in a year.

Recent polls have shown that Scott Brown has a lot more support than expected in heavily Democrat Massachusetts.

Brown’s fundraising efforts demonstrate the enthusiasm for his campaign. On Monday, January 11, Brown’s campaign had an initial goal of raising $500,000 dollars in one day. When they exceeded $500,000, they raised the goal first to $750,000 and then to $1 million and achieved both. Today, Tuesday January 12, Brown’s fundraising site shows that they have raised $1,303,302.50 since Monday.

The panic email from Organizing for America confirms that Scott Brown is within striking distance of winning the race.

This is no time for complacency. Brown is outspent by his opponent and the Obama campaign machine is gearing up to raise turnout of left-wing Democrats.

Six days are left until the election. Scott Brown needs more money to get his message out and to increase turnout of supporters on January 19. Donate here and volunteer here.

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