The Start of the Voters’ Revolt Against the Obama Machine: Will Massachusetts Put Scott Brown in the ‘People’s Seat’?

January 18, 2010

The Kennedy’s still consider it their senate seat. Just today Patrick Kennedy referred to “his father’s senate seat” even though he doesn’t seem to know the candidate he supports well enough to get her name right: yesterday he repeatedly called Martha Coakley, “Marcia”.

The voters of Massachusetts are poised to take back the “People’s Seat” that has been controlled by the Kennedy’s for 52 years.

Tuesday, January 19, the election of Scott Brown to the US Senate could be the first shot heard in the 2010 voters’ revolt against the Obama/Washington political machine.

Brown’s opponent, “Marcia” Coakley, has made more mistakes than can be listed here, ranging from the serious, unconstitutional and outrageous, i.e. telling Catholics opposed abortion not to work in health care to the ridiculous, i.e. calling retired Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling who supports Scott Brown a New York Yankee. She is out of touch with all types of voters in Massachusetts ranging from Irish Catholics to Boston sport fans.

Democrats are frantic. One of their stooges on MSNBC has called for voter fraud.

If Independents, Tea Party Patriots, Republicans and, yes, moderate Democrats turn out on Tuesday to elect Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate, expect dirty tricks from the Democrat Obama machine to pass Obamacare. These could include delaying the swearing in of Scott Brown or making the House adopt the exact bill the Senate has already adopted to avoid another vote in the Senate. Speaker Nancy Pelosi must have a torture chamber ready for pro-life Democrats who cannot in good conscience vote for the Senate bill.

However the Democrats try to circumvent the will of the people, the reaction will be that much greater in the November Congressional election. Two weeks ago almost no one gave Scott Brown a chance to win. Today, he is, by all accounts, the front runner in a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans three to one.

Conventional wisdom holds that Democrats will lose seats in the House, but maintain their majority and are unbeatable in the Senate. Regardless of the outcome of the Massachusetts race, Scott Brown has shown that if Republicans listen to the people, propose a positive agenda for limiting government excesses and don’t take the growing Tea Party movement for granted, anything is possible in 2010.

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