Crist Bolts From Republican Party, Marco Rubio Responds

April 29, 2010

Florida Governor Charlie Crist showed today again that the race for US Senate to him is about nothing more than saving his political career. He left the Republican Party because he cannot win on the issues that conservative, Tea Party movement and moderates care about.

He is not thinking clearly if he believes that he can peel of enough voters from Republican candidate Marco Rubio and the leading Democrat candidate Kendrick Meeks. Who can trust a guy that said he was proud to run as a Republican a month ago and now leaves to run as an independent?

Crist is exactly the type of politician that the majority Americans are sick and tired of. He believes in nothing except his own political career. It is candidates like Crist that cause the Republican Party to lose in the 2006 and 2008 elections. Voters are too engaged to be fooled by Charlie Crist running under a new label.

Hot Air comments on Crist’s speech:

Turns out God wants him on the floor, to borrow a line from “Hoosiers,” and also that our political system, which was peachy keen six months ago when he was cruising to the Republican nomination, is now “broken.” You know, Frum made a good point in his post backing Rubio: When Lieberman went indie after losing the 2006 primary to Lamont, at least there were important policy differences at stake. There’s nothing at stake here except ambition. Quoth Jeb Bush, “I am not surprised. This decision is not about policy or principles. It is about what he believes is in his political self-interest.” Try to force yourself to the end or else you’ll miss him insisting that the way to set a “new tone” in D.C. is to send another transparently careerist principle-less politician to Capitol Hill. Works for me.

Marco Rubio responded this evening:

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