Hillary Clinton’s Shocking Discovery

April 10, 2010

Babalu Blog comments on a shocking discovery made by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reported in the Washington Post:

In a revelation that is sure to send shock waves through the halls of the Obama State Department, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has unearthed a shocking discovery in regards to Cuba’s totalitarian government. According to Secretary Clinton, the Cuban regime’s refusal to entertain the Obama administration’s overtures to improve relations reveals that the Castro dictatorship is “an intransigent, entrenched regime,” with no interest in political reform.

This determination by the Secretary of State, which apparently is new information to them, will most certainly help the Obama State Department reevaluate Cuba/US relations. In the past, Obama and his State Department have struggled to create a cohesive Cuba policy, which no doubt was exacerbated by the fact that they had very little information other than the five decades of murder, oppression, and gross violations of human rights perpetrated by the Cuban regime. Certainly not enough information for a person or organization to come up with a reasonable assessment of the Castro dictatorship.

Secretary Clinton wasted no time in using this new and astonishing piece of information to help the Obama State Department begin unraveling the puzzle of dealing Cuba’s communist dictatorship–a mystery which has vexed the president since his college days. Armed with this new piece of information, Secretary Clinton was able to make another discovery–which to some may be just as shocking–that the Cuban dictatorship does not want the US embargo against Cuba lifted.

“It is my personal belief,” Secretary Clinton said, “that the Castros do not want to see an end to the embargo and do not want to see normalization with the United States, because they would lose all of their excuses for what hasn’t happened in Cuba in the last 50 years.”

How President Obama and Secretary Clinton will be able to leverage this new discovery to help bring about freedom for the Cuban people still remains to be seen. One thing for certain, however, is that today they know a little more about the Castro regime than they did yesterday.

I try not be paranoid, but it is strange timing for Obama officials to admit that Cuba’s communist regime may be the problem in our relationship days after making radical changes to US foreign policy. Just last week Obama announced a new nuclear policy that limits when America would consider nuclear retaliation against an attack on the US and stops further development of nuclear weapons. Obama also signed this week a disarmament treaty with Russia that makes concessions on strategic defense against nuclear weapons.

Is the Obama administration just trying to distract from its major foreign policy shifts to weaken America by conceding a point on Cuba where it is unable to change the status quo?

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