Paul Ryan on Taxes, Crony Capitalism, Entitlement Reform and ObamaCare Repeal

April 26, 2010

Watch Congressman Paul Ryan explain in 10 minutes the most crucial financial issues of our times:

1. How Obama’s tax and spending plans will lead to a majority of Americans dependent on government for their income.
2. How the financial reform bill currently before Congress favors big Wall Street firms and makes crony capitalism and bailouts of companies deemed “too big to fail” a permanent feature of American politics.
3. How entitlements (Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security) could be preserved without bankrupting America.
4. The need to persevere on repealing and replacing ObamaCare until a new president is in office in 2013.

He also answer whether he plans to run for president: “my head is just not that big and my kids are just too small.” It is nice to see a politician with a firm grasp of facts who can explain issues without a teleprompter and who isn’t driven by promoting himself too higher office in the foreseeable future.

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