A Major Win in the War on Terror? Has Osama Bin Laden Host Mullah Omar Been Captured? Update: Still Highly Unlikely

May 10, 2010

Brad Thor reports on Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government and Big Journalism web sites that he has learned from key intelligence sources in Pakistan and Afghanistan that Mullah Omar has been captured. Mullah Omar was the Taliban ruler of Afghanistan who hosted Osama bin Laden in his Afghanistan when bin Laden planned and executed the 9/11 attacks.

Brad Thor is a best selling author who has written well-researched novels on the war on terror. He undoubtedly has a lot of good sources, but it is hard to assess whether his sources are reliable on this until there is confirmation from the government of Afghanistan, Pakistan or the US.

Brad Thor writes great thrillers on the War on Terror. Hopefully, this report is not fiction.

5/11 Update: A day after this first came out The Jawa Report is the only other source that “confirms” it without providing any further detail. No major news outlets have been able to confirm this report. The story is not quite dead yet, but, as expected, highly unlikely.

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