Gulf Coast Parish President: Federal Government is Doing “Absolutely Nothing”

May 27, 2010

Gulf Coast Parish President Billy Nungesser tells CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that the federal government is doing absolutely nothing do act on solutions to the devastating pollution from the Deep Horizon oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. His attack focuses on the Coast Guard and their commander Thad Allen. It should be directed at President Obama.

It is understandable that Nungesser stops short of condemning Obama for incompetence. He hopes to speak to Obama Friday during Obama’s photo opp visit. He is clearly hoping that by appealing to Obama without accusing him directly he can get some change in the governments behavior. Directly blaming Obama would just get him banned from seeing our thin-skinned president.

If Obama has any sense about digging his way out of his Katrina experience, he would listen to Nungesser and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. Unfortunately, it is increasingly apparent that, in addition to extreme ideology, incompetence is one of the defining characteristics of the Obama administration.

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