Joe Biden: Maybe Brussels, Not Washington Should be Capital of the Free World

May 24, 2010

Vice President Joe Biden, addressing the European Parliament got a little carried away in being polite to his host by saying that maybe Brussels, not Washington should be considered the capital of the free world.

An innocent gaffe from the gaffemeister? Maybe. But this deference to socialist Europe is also in line with the Obama administrations’ continuous denial of American exceptionalism and with the direction Obama’s expansion of government is taking the United States.

With Greece on the verge of insolvency despite a $1 trillion bailout and European countries like Italy, Spain and Portugal facing similar dangers, it is time to wake up to where socialism will lead. The economic situation is Europe poses the threat of pushing the world into another recession or even a major depression.

Freedom and socialism are not compatible and to call a city in which thousands of European bureaucrats work on “perfecting” their socialist system can hardly be called the capital of the free world. Obama and Biden haven’t gotten America to the same point, but if they are not stopped in the 2010 elections and retired in 2012, we may get to the point where Washington as the capital of the free world is as ridiculous a notion as Brussels.

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