Obama’s Real Katrina: Tennessee Under Water And Nobody Gives A Dang

May 9, 2010

Here is a little video by Red State Update to help raise awareness of the devastating floods in Tennessee, Kentucky and Missouri. (Warning: the humor about the weather map is R-rated.)

There have been a lot of reports in the past two weeks comparing President Obama’s lack of action to deal with the Gulf oil spill to President Bush’s initial handling of Hurricane Katrina. There is some justification for drawing this comparison. We may end up dealing with unprecedented damage to the Gulf Coast and its tourism and fishing industries because Obama is relying on British Petroleum (BP) to deal with the leak rather than rapidly bringing together experts from public and private institutions to figure out a way to stop the leak and mitigate the impact.

But Obama ignoring the floods in Tennessee and other states is, in some ways, more similar to the initial handling of the devastating flooding in New Orleans after Katrina. The floods are affecting Red states that aren’t supportive of Obama’s policies. So is it ok for Obama to ignore a disaster that affects areas where majorities are critical of his policies?

Last time I checked, we elect presidents for all of America. The President is responsible for using the federal government’s powers to protect all Americans, not just those areas that elected him. When will the media start applying the same standards to President Obama that they applied to President Bush?

You can help the victims of the floods at these sites:

Nashville Red Cross

Hands on Nasville

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