Bill Clinton on Gulf Oil Leak: “Let’s Just Fix the Problem”

June 29, 2010

Florida Pundit won’t often agree with former President Bill Clinton. But Clinton gave good advice to President Obama in a recent interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. Asides from some rambling comments about Obama not “feeling the pain” of people and showing empathy the way our former president was famous for doing, Clinton offers pretty much the same advice given by this blog and other critics of the Obama administration.

Clinton speculates that we may have to send in the Navy and blow up the oil well that is leaking. Regardless of whether this is a realistic option, Clinton gives common sense advice to President Obama: focus on fixing the problem.

In a more extensive excerpt, Clinton talks to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer about Obama’s lack of empathy. If you suffer through Clinton’s rambling on this topic, you will be rewarded with a concise statement of how Clinton would tackle the problem:

The most important thing is to fix the leak. If anyone can help us fix the leak, I am for it.

Second most important thing is to keep the oil away from the shores.

The third most important thing is to minimize the damage from the oil once it reaches the shores.

The fourth most important thing today is to figure out who did what wrong and hold them accountable whether it was somebody in British Petroleum or somebody in the US government and I’d do that, but lets do one, two and three first.

And then, yes, he should show empathy and, yes, he should feel their pain and all that, but what people want is to fix the leak. So one of the best things that they have done is to deploy massive Naval and Coast Guard resources and finally start taking help from other countries.

To quote Rick Santelli who criticized Obama in another context: “President Obama, are you listening?”

We live in strange times when we wish for the competency of President Clinton in our current president.

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