Leaving Al Gore

June 19, 2010

Al Gore has been strangely silent on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. His fellow Nobel Prize winner, President Obama, has tried to use this crisis to revive his floundering cap-and-tax (aka cap-and-trade) legislation that would cripple American industry. Gore, on the other hand, has not made news with new dire warnings about global warming from greenhouse gases. The only thing we have heard from Gore, who used to be one of our favorite targets on the loony left, is that his wife Tipper has left him.

Gore seemed to thrive during George W. Bush’ presidency. He made millions writing books, making movies and giving speeches instilling fear about a coming global climate apocalypse. Maybe the reason for Gore’s sinking into oblivion is that with the reign of Barack Obama and his assumption of powers that cannot be justified by anything in the Constitution, the American people have something to fear that is much more real and immediate than the hysterical rantings of Al Gore.

Here is Andrew Klavan’s on Al Gore:

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