Attorney General Holder’s Ideology Drives His Decisions: Sue Arizona, But Tolerate Voter Intimidation

July 6, 2010

Attorney General Eric Holder again demonstrates how every one of his decisions is driven by ideology. Two examples have recently made the news.

Today the Obama administration announced that it will file a lawsuit against Arizona’s new immigration law. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had previously announced the Obama administration’s intent in an interview given on TV in Ecuador. The lawsuit doesn’t even make the claim popular among the left that the law is discriminatory in any way. No, the basis for the lawsuit is that Arizona is trying to enforce federal law that the federal government has refused to enforce.

Contrast this decision, with a decision by the Attorney General to drop a case of voter intimidation by Black Panthers in Philadelphia after the case was won. Former Department of Justice lawyer J. Christian Adams, turned whistleblower, says that the case was dropped for racial reasons: “No voter intimidation case is going to be prosecuted if the victim is white and the defendant is black.”

Listen to this report which includes violent threats by Black Panther Shamir Shabazz:

This is not the first of Holder’s ideologically-motivated decisions. Previous examples include Holder’s decision to hold a trial of 9-11 terrorist mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohamed in New York City, a decision that Obama ultimately had to reverse because of public outcry.

Another example, of Holder’s warped ideology is his inability to admit that radical Islam may have been a factor motivating three recent terrorist attacks.

Since Holder continues to be Attorney General, it is clear that his ideology is shared by President Obama.

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