Florida Voters Beware: Chris Matthews Calls Charlie Crist the “New Star of the Democratic Party”

July 6, 2010

Any Florida voter who currently supports Charlie Crist for Senate and who is also concerned with the Democrats’ vast expansion of federal government power should listen to Chris Matthews’ prediction that Crist will be a star among Democrats if elected.

Matthews calls Crist “nimble”. Translation: Crist is quick to change his positions to what he thinks will benefit him politically. First he supported the Democrats stimulus bill and gave Obama a famous hug. A few months later he tried to deny ever having supported the stimulus. One day he tells us on national TV how proud he is to be in the party of Abraham Lincoln. A month later, he becomes an independent because he is certain to lose the Republican primary. Now he is trying to ingratiate himself with Obama by supporting Obama’s inept response to the Gulf oil spill.

Slippery Charlie can’t be pinned down on anything he believes in except himself.

Fortunately we have a great candidate for Senate, Marco Rubio, who in a few statements can express his core beliefs and tell you why he is running for Senate.

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