The Obama Jobs Deficit: 7.6 Million Jobs

August 8, 2010

On Friday the government published another dismal report on the lack of job creation. Even more depressing than the monthly reports is a comparison of job growth over the past year and a half with what President Obama promised. The Heritage Foundation provides this comparison:

This data confirms once again that the $862 billion Obama stimulus legislation—as well as all the subsequent budget-busting legislation Congress has enacted under the rubric of “jobs” bills—has failed, as expected.

The weak jobs data also mean the Obama jobs deficit—the difference between current employment and the jobs Obama promised to create by the end of 2010—now stands at 7.6 million workers. That’s 7.6 million fellow citizens who were promised jobs if Obama was elected and his economic program instituted and are still out of work. Unfortunately, continued weakness in the economy indicates they will continue to be out of work for months to come, perhaps as long as Obama adheres to his ideology rather than opting for proven solutions.

With less than three months before the November election, the Obama administration and Democrats in Congress are in a panic. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is bringing back the House from recess to vote on a $26 billion package to aid states so that they won’t have to lay off more government employees. Predictably the focus of House Democrats is on government jobs, not removing uncertainty for private employers. The special House session is designed to pass a bribe to get government workers to vote for Democrats in November.

There have been rumors for the past week that the Obama administration plans an “August surprise” by ordering “government-controlled lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to forgive a portion of the mortgage debt of millions of Americans who owe more than what their homes are worth.”

Meanwhile, Democrats are not willing to stop the biggest tax hike in US history by refusing to extend the Bush tax cuts.

As the November election approaches and Democrats face historic losses and a Republican-controlled Congress, expect panic and a lot of lies, but nothing that will assure American businesses about the future. Positive change and a more predictable business climate can only come when the new Congress is sworn in January, 2011. Over the next three months, Americans need to motivate all like-minded voters to show up at the polls in November and defeat Obama’s socialist vision for America.

Join the pro-growth, limited government movement and sign the Winning in November pledge now and do your part in bringing America back.

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