September 2010

Florida Republican candidate for governor Rick Scott has surged in the polls and is now tied or ahead of Democrat Alex Sink. The Real Clear Politics average shows how Scott closed the gap with Sink after the August primary:

A Rasmussen poll of likely voters has Scott leading by 6 points.

Scott has focused his general election campaign on his 7-7-7 plan to jumpstart Florida’s economy focused on creating jobs and prosperity. Florida has been particularly hard hit by the collapse in real estate values and a plan focused on jobs and the economy from a successful entrepreneur who started with nothing resonates with Florida voters.

Meanwhile, the St. Petersburg Times, a left-leaning newspaper, has reported on Scott’s opponent, State Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink’s role in making risky investments for the state that have cost Florida taxpayers billions of dollars.

Rick Scott becoming governor of Florida is not just important for the state and its economic turnaround. Florida will be gaining Congressional seats from the 2010 census and the governor will play an important role in the redistricting process that will create new Congressional districts for the 2012 election.

Watch a recent interview with Rick Scott on CNN:

{ 2 comments } has created an ad modeled on Florida Congressman Alan Grayson’s outrageous ad quoting his opponent Dan Webster out of context and calling him “Taliban Dan.” Except, here it is Grayson who is quoted out of context:

Of course you really don’t need to quote Alan Grayson out of context to get shocking statements.

Meanwhile, Grayson’s opponent Dan Webster has been helped by Alan Grayson’s devious ads with increased name recognition and a surge in donations to Webster’s campaign.

Hot Air comments that “in an odd way, …Grayson’s campaign ads of doom [are] possibly the most effective of the cycle. It’s just that they’ve been effective in precisely the opposite way from how they were intended.”

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Central Florida Congressman, Alan Grayson has set a new low for blatant lying. In one of his latest ads, he calls his opponent, Republican Dan Webster, “Taliban Dan” and claims to quote Webster saying that women should submit to their husbands:

Here is the context of Webster’s speech at a religious meeting in which he says not to focus on verses in the Bible that say wives should submit to their husbands:

Grayson, who will likely be fired by Florida voters on November 2, has a history of bizarre and outrageous statements and has managed to come across as mentally unbalanced on TV shows. Even MSNBC is having a hard time taking they guy serious.

Here are two previous examples of Grayson crazy behavior:

Crazy Florida Congressman Grayson: Republicans are like Al-Qaeda Terrorists

Florida Congressman Explains GOP Healthcare Plan


Florida Congressional candidate Allen West is on the verge of defeating his Democrat opponent, liberal Congressman Ron Klein. The Shark Tank has Allen West’s response to the assault by desperate Democrats that includes visits by Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama to Florida’s 22 Congressional District:

Also see West’s previous response to his national opponents and Nancy Pelosi: “Give me that Damn Gavel!”

Watch more of Allen West:

Allen West Speaks to Broward County Republican Business Network

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