Allen West Speaks to Broward County Republican Business Network

September 16, 2010

I couldn’t make it to the Republican Business Network‘s meeting in Coral Springs Wednesday night, but here is The Shark Tank‘s video of Allen West giving another great speech on restoring America’s freedoms:

Real Clear Politics rates Florida’s 22nd congressional district as a “toss-up.” Allen West has a difficult district spread across a large geographic area. We need to move this district from a “toss up” to a Republican win and translate the enthusiasm West has generated across the country into a majority of votes on November 2, 2010.

Please go to Allen West’s website to volunteer and donate to his campaign. No offense to the many great candidates across the country running for Congress, but when voters in South Florida District 22 elect Allen West as their representative, Florida can be proud of having elected the most eloquent inspiring leader to the House of Representatives.

Listen to what national conservative leader like Andrew Breitbart say about Allen West:

Need more Allen West? Here is his call to action that has been viewed by over 2.2 million people on Youtube. If you are not inspired yet, you will be after watching this.

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