Crazy Al Grayson: Unbalanced Florida Congressman’s Bizarre Lie About His Opponent

September 28, 2010

Central Florida Congressman, Alan Grayson has set a new low for blatant lying. In one of his latest ads, he calls his opponent, Republican Dan Webster, “Taliban Dan” and claims to quote Webster saying that women should submit to their husbands:

Here is the context of Webster’s speech at a religious meeting in which he says not to focus on verses in the Bible that say wives should submit to their husbands:

Grayson, who will likely be fired by Florida voters on November 2, has a history of bizarre and outrageous statements and has managed to come across as mentally unbalanced on TV shows. Even MSNBC is having a hard time taking they guy serious.

Here are two previous examples of Grayson crazy behavior:

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