Democrats Want to Flee Washington And Leave 2011 Tax Hike in Place

September 22, 2010

Democrats in Congress refuse to have a vote on extending the Bush tax cuts before leaving Washington to campaign for the November 2 election. A growing number of endangered Democrats would vote with Republicans to extend the tax rates we have had for the past seven years, but, since the majority of Democrats are opposed to extending all the Bush tax cuts and since they control the agenda, they refuse to allow debate and a vote.

The result is that the uncertainty that hangs over the American economy will continue until after the election. Democrats once again prove that they will cling to their ideology rather than create the conditions for economic growth and the creation of jobs.

Congressman Mike Pence points out the irresponsibility of the Democrats’ position and calls for Congress not to adjourn until a 2011 tax hike is avoided:

Congressman Paul Ryan explains the Republican position and the two ingredients necessary for attacking record government deficits: control and cut spending and create the conditions for economic growth and new jobs. He also points out that time is running out for the IRS to define rules for 2011 and, if Congress does nothing by mid-November, unelected IRS bureaucrats will in effect make decisions on how much the American people are taxed in 2011.

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