Fake Ad: “Alan Grayson Hates Children, Loves Satan”

September 30, 2010

Townhall.com has created an ad modeled on Florida Congressman Alan Grayson’s outrageous ad quoting his opponent Dan Webster out of context and calling him “Taliban Dan.” Except, here it is Grayson who is quoted out of context:

Of course you really don’t need to quote Alan Grayson out of context to get shocking statements.

Meanwhile, Grayson’s opponent Dan Webster has been helped by Alan Grayson’s devious ads with increased name recognition and a surge in donations to Webster’s campaign.

Hot Air comments that “in an odd way, …Grayson’s campaign ads of doom [are] possibly the most effective of the cycle. It’s just that they’ve been effective in precisely the opposite way from how they were intended.”

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