Free to Choose – Why We Are Fighting Obama Socialism

September 15, 2010

If Obama Democrats want to know why voters are so angry at them, they should read Milton Friedman’s Free to Choose which was published thirty years ago.

Milton Friedman’s key insight was that economic freedom leads to prosperity and government actions to limit freedom has the opposite effect. In the 1980s we learned some of these lessons and created conditions of almost thirty years of unprecedented growth and prosperity.

In recent years too many Americans seemed to have forgotten Friedman’s ideas. Republicans became comfortable expanding government. Finally, in 2008, too many voters were persuaded to elect to the highest office in the nation an arrogant community organizer who believes that government rather than the free market should pick winners and losers.

But Friedman’s lessons haven’t been forgotten. The explosive growth of the Tea Party movement and its takeover of the Republican Party has been based largely on reviving the ideas of Milton Friedman. The backlash against Obama socialism has created our best opportunity ever to return to implementing Friedman’s ideas.

For this to happen, everyone opposed to the Obama Democrats must vote on November 2, 2010 against every Democrat on the ballot. In forty-eight days we will have an unprecedented opportunity to take America back.

Watch John Stossel discuss the influence of Milton Friedman today:

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