Lisa Murkowski: New Member of the Charlie Crist Club of Sore Losers

September 17, 2010

The group of establishment politicians rejected by the voters has gained another member: Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski. Unlike other establishment candidates who lost, Senator Arlen Specter from Pennsylvania, Congressman Mike Castel from Delaware and Senator Robert Bennett from Utah, Murkowski refuses to retire. She has joined the Charlie Crist Club of Sore Losers and is now running as a write-in candidate.

Like Charlie Crist in Florida who fled the Republican Party to run as an independent, Murkowski is another tired old establishment politician who is unwilling to accept the voters’ judgment.

Things haven’t worked out for Crist who trails Republican Marco Rubio by more than ten percent. Will Murkowski hand the Alaska senate seat to Democrats or will Republican nominee Joe Miller prevail in Alaska like Marco Rubio is winning in Florida?

Miller is the real deal, a principled Tea Party conservative who, like Rubio, will bring Constitutional government back to Washington:

Across the United States, from Florida to Alaska, we need to elect the candidates who will return power from the federal government to the states and the people. Support Joe Miller by donating to his campaign and, if you are in Alaska, make sure you vote Joe Miller into the Senate.

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