Marco Rubio Surges to Double Digit Lead in Florida Senate Race

September 15, 2010

Whenever you hear the Obama Left claim that Tea Party candidates who have won the Republican nomination cannot win, remind yourself of the story of Marco Rubio, Florida Republican nominee for the senate.

Rubio entered the race when the Republican establishment had already endorsed Florida Governor Charlie Crist. In a short time, Rubio took a commanding lead over Crist causing Crist to leave the Republican Party to run as an independent. Many pundits at the time claimed that Crist would attract independents and Democrats and win the general election.

Now Marco Rubio leads the three-way race by more than 10 percent
over Crist with Democrat Kendrick Meek in third place gaining on Crist.

Reuters has him up 40/26/21 over Crist and Meek, respectively, while Rasmussen has it 41/30/23. Last night’s Fox News poll broke 43/27/21, and a Susquehana poll taken a few days ago put it at 43/29/23.

For a comprehensive list of all polls read Real Clear Politics.

Why is Rubio winning?

Republicans, independents and even some Democrats do not want a candidate like Charlie Crist who changes his positions all the time depending on what he believes will win him votes. They want a strong conservative who is able to explain why he is running and what he stands for. Liberal Democrats too prefer a candidate who stands for their believes. They have this candidate in Kendrick Meek. So Crist is left with people that are least engaged in following the issues and only have a vague idea of what matters.

Watch Marco Rubio deliver his powerful message about keeping America exceptional:

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