Strange Role Reversal: Germany’s Economy is Booming After Cuts in Taxes & Spending

September 24, 2010

Who would have thought just a few years ago that we have to look to “Old Europe” for countries pursuing sounds economic policies?

Meanwhile President Obama and the Democrats continue to pursue the European socialist policies of the past wanting more Keynesian government spending, the government picking winners and losers in the private economy and refusing to prevent the biggest tax increase in US history in 2011.

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, on the other hand, has cut billions of dollars in spending and cut some taxes and the German economy is booming. It is ironic that at least some Europeans are learning the lessons of the free market that we pursued in the past, while America has an arrogant, stubborn president and ruling party that insists on taking us down the road to European socialism.

On November 2, we get to reject the ideology and incompetence of the Democrats in Congress by voting them out of office.

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