3D Fiscal House of Horrors: Slash Government Before It Slashes You

October 1, 2010

ReasonTV has published short videos to illustrate the nightmare that government has become. Each video is only a minute and a half, but with all the Halloween atmospherics and puns on politicians they still manage to provide simple graphs with powerful messages about the growth of government spending, runaway debt and exorbitant compensation for government employees. The videos can be seen in 3D with the right kind of glasses.

But first a warning about the horrors to come:

Episode 1: I Spend on Your Grave

Episode 2: Night of the Living Debt

Episode 3: Attach of the Killer Compensation

Reason magazine and Reason TV have a tendency to reject both parties and present themselves as Libertarians. While Florida Pundit has no quarrel with a libertarian philosophy of government, trying to win by supporting a third party could form the basis for an even more frightening video: “Socialist Democrats Win Permanently Due to Libertarian Zombies.”

A better strategy for supporters of liberty and limited government is to take over the Republican Party and inject it with fresh blood on Nov. 2. The Wall Street Journal just published a poll in which seventy-one percent of Republicans view the libertarian Tea Party movement as a positive force.

If we don’t become complacent over the next month, the Republican Party will have a lot of elected officials in 2011 that are radically different from the Republican of 2006 who wanted to expand government, just a little less than the Democrats.

The fresh blood of this new generation of Republican can be the beginning of the reversal of Obama socialism and the restoration of constitutional government. Let’s make the Democrat socialists the zombies of American politics!

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