Early Voting Has Started: Go Kick the Bums Out

October 19, 2010

Early voting started on Monday, Oct. 18 in Florida. I have participated in early voting before, but never on the first day an hour an a half after the polls opened. It was worth skipping lunch to vote for Marco Rubio and Rick Scott!

If you are ready to send the message to Washington as well as state and local governments that you have had it with ever expanding government, increasing spending and taxes, economic policies that prevent the creation of private sector jobs and a government that acts like it has the power to do anything and your individual freedoms mean nothing, then go vote now while the lines are short and vote out every Democrat on the ballot.

We have a two party system, so the only way to force the Democrats out is to vote for their Republican opponents. There are many great new Republican candidates on the ballot. Many of them won their primaries due to the support of the Tea Party movement.

You may be less excited about some incumbent Republicans that behaved badly (i.e. like Democrats) when they last controlled Congress in 2006. But the larger we make the winning margin against Democrats across the country, the louder all Republican should hear the message that they cannot return to the days when they wanted to spend like Democrats just a little less.

The Republican Party must hear this message and act on it in 2011 and 2012. If it does, then in 2012 we can further strengthen the movement back to Constitutional rule, by continuing support for a reformed Republican Party and by changing the occupant of the White House. If some Republicans do not get the message, the Tea Party reinforcements we are sending to Washington on Nov. 2 will have to force the issue.

President Obama’s biggest chance for reelection comes if Republican stumble and compromise and the opposition to Obama splits between Republicans and a third party in 2012. We don’t have time for experiments and symbolic gestures. As Dick Armey has said, the Tea Party movement is a hostile takeover of the Republican Party. We need to support our Tea Party candidates in this election so that they can complete this takeover.

So go out and vote! Take a friend or two with you assuming they share your views.

Now is also your final chance to support candidates with donations so that they can get message out.

If you are a Florida voter, support Marco Rubio for Senate and Rick Scott for Governor at the top of the ticket and support other statewide candidates and your Republican Congressional, state and local candidates.

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