Kendrick Meek Says He Will Not Drop Out of Florida Senate Race

October 11, 2010

Last week a Wall Street Journal article started rumors that Democrat Kendrick Meek was going to cut a deal with “Party of Me” candidate Charlie Crist and drop out of the race for the Florida senate seat. Republican Marco Rubio is continuing to widen his lead over both opponents. A recent Rassumssen poll of likely voters has Rubio receiving fifty percent of the vote with Crist getting twenty-five and Meek nineteen percent.

It would be a mind-twisting reversal for Meek who has spent a lot of money attacking Crist in TV ads to suddenly support Crist. Meek went on MSNBC to declare that he “is moving full steam ahead.” Meek’s goal at this point seems to be to pass Crist and finish in second place which would be a respectable achievement given Crist’s popularity as Florida governor at least before he started changing his position faster than his ties.

Marco Rubio has run a phenomenally successful campaign. He was the Tea Party candidate before there was a Tea Party. Rubio’s campaign should remain vigilant for a last minute October surprise from Crist, but the prospects of such a surprise seem to have gone done significantly based on Meek’s continuing attacks on Crist and his unqualified statement on MSNBC.

Marco Rubio will be the next Senator from Florida, Meek will have some future in the Democrat Party and Charlie Crist will get to retire from politics when Rick Scott is sworn in as the next Governor of Florida.

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