Rick Scott: The Choice for Florida is Clear

October 28, 2010

Rick Scott is having great finals days in the campaign for Florida governor getting his message out to the voters. Watch Scott accompanied by his running mate for Lt. Governor, Jennifer Carroll, telling voters why they should for him:

His opponent Alex Sink has the unique distinction of having been caught by CNN violating debate rules and then trying to cover them up. Sink hasn’t learned the lesson that the cover up is often worse than the crime. Even Chris Matthews of MSNBC pointed out that Sink had been less than truthful with him.

When CNN and MSNBC, those bastions of conservative bias in the media :-), chastise a Democrat days before an election, you know that the candidate is in real trouble.

The Democrat’s campaign is sinking fast, but the race is still too close to take victory for granted. Rick Scott needs your vote on Nov. 2 if we don’t want Florida to slide further into Obama-type politics just as the country is soundly rejecting these policies.

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