The Juan Williams Firing: Time to Stop Tax Payer Funding of NPR

October 21, 2010

On Wednesday, National Public Radio (NPR) fired liberal commentator Juan Williams for a statement he made on Fox News about his reaction when he sees Muslims on airplanes.

Williams has been a commentator on Fox News since 1997. He is liked by everyone who works with him whether they agree with him or not. While he proudly defends a lot of beliefs we disagree with, Williams stands out in not blindly following the liberal orthodoxy when he has a different viewpoint. Juan Williams always states what he believes honestly and we respect him for this despite the fact that we think he is wrong a lot of times.

Here is Williams’ appearance on Bill O’Reilly, that NPR objected to:

National Public Radio and its parent the Corporation for Public Broadcasting are funded by taxpayers. While there is no need for the government to fund any media outlet, the intolerance displayed by NPR should be the final straw. NPR CEO Vivian Schiller even suggested that Williams needs a psychiatrist. An organization that tolerates only viewpoints in line with leftist believes should not receive a dime of taxpayer money. The new Congress should quickly move to defund NPR, PBS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Political debates on Fox News consistently feature people of opposing viewpoints. That is very different from NPR as well as cable news rivals MSNBC and CNN where a debate is considered balanced when all participants are on the left of the political spectrum. Not surprisingly hardly anyone watches MSNBC and CNN while Fox News keeps attracting large audiences.

Today Fox News offered Juan Williams an expanded contract worth $2 million over three years. We hope, Mr. Williams laughs all the way to the bank.

Here is Juan Williams on Fox News commenting about NPR’s action:

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