The Obama Ditch: Failed Comedian Al Franken Takes Obama’s Ditch Analogy to Bizarre Extremes

October 28, 2010

We hope that after this election, we don’t hear another politician talking about driving a car into a ditch. Obama has been using this line for months and has been mocked by CNN for it.

Failed comedian and Minnesota Senator Al Franken takes the metaphor to new extremes:

Obama, at the same rally, goes with the Franken weirdness and adds his bit about “Republican have to sit in the back seat” strangely sounding like civil rights era racists who wanted blacks to sit in the back of public buses.

Since Franken has changed the ditch into a “2000 foot cliff with jagged rocks,” here is the a fitting ending to the analogy if we don’t defeat the Obama Democrats:

Help President Obama avoid his Thelma & Louise moment by defeating his supporters in Congress on Nov. 2.

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