Future House Speaker John Boehner: No Compromise of Taxes and Spending

November 6, 2010

The obsession of the media with asking Republicans what promises they will compromise is relentless. Even Fox News gets in on the game. In an interview with future House Speaker John Boehner, Brett Baier asks about Republican willingness to compromise:

Funny, I cannot remember all the interviews with President-elect Obama two years ago asking him which of his promises he is willing to break in order to compromise with the badly beaten Republicans. Oh wait. That’s right. There weren’t any!

So enough with this double standard and the sudden call for “bipartisanship” after two years in which Democrats passed their major bills with not a single Republican vote. The media recognized that when Obama won, he got to set the agenda. Now Republicans have won an historic victory and they will set the agenda. President Obama and the Democrats have the choice of either compromising or blocking Republicans in the Senate or via a presidential veto.

Elections have consequences. Compromise is for the defeated.

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