Mark Steyn: The Terrorists Have Won

November 23, 2010

Liberty Pen provides Mark Steyn’s biting humor on Janet Incompetano’s groping of Americans, the inability of the Obama / Holder regime to deal with captured terrorist and the decadence of our culture. The lines are hilarious, but the subject matter is deadly serious. Sitting in for Rush Limbaugh, Steyn fires off one zinger after another about our current state of affairs painting a comprehensive picture of the absurdity of the pathetic police state Obama is creating. (WARNING: Some adult content including brief nudity at the end of the video.)

Remember: If you are flying on Nov. 24, the busiest travel day of the year, it is Opt Out Day. Opt out of getting irradiated by the new scanners and you will be able to share the story of your own molestation by the TSA when you are with your family on Thanksgiving. If you are able to have someone record your “pat down” on an iPhone, post it on Youtube. With choices like this, I am glad I am not flying!

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