The Coming Police State? “If I Don’t Show It to Them, Then They Insists on Touching It”

November 18, 2010

While the incompetent Obama administration is incapable of putting terrorists on trial in military tribunals, it is going to extraordinary lengths to get Americans used to unreasonable searches at airports showing a perverse interest in people’s genitalia.

Watch Sean Hannity (via Hot Air) interview Michael Roberts, a pilot who is suing the TSA. The pilot sums up, the TSA’s unnecessarily invasive procedures: “If I don’t show it to them, then they insist on touching it.”

Pilots, of course, don’t need any weapons if they want to fly an airplane into a building or crash it. To prevent this, they have already gone through extensive background checks. Even if the TSA starts with the ridiculous assumption that all the rest of us are terrorists, why would pilots be subjected to the same harassment?

Roberts’ lawyer, John Whitehead, comments: “If we don’t stop this at airports, in my opinion, you are going to see these machines on streets, in front of buildings, I mean it is going to expand. … Are we going to allow a police state to be erected? This is the first step, folks. We are getting conditioned to accepting very invasive police state tactics.”

If the goal is to provide the best security possible without violating Americans’ constitutional rights, there is a model to follow. Watch Glenn Beck interview Isaac Yeffet, former Security Chief of the Israeli airline El-Al:

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