How to Balance the Budget without Raising Taxes

December 14, 2010

Are you tired of the American Left starting every discussion about the federal deficit in a righteous tone with: “But spending cuts cannot balance the budget. We will have to raise taxes. Don’t you, Mr. Conservative have to agree to that?”

Well, no, we don’t have to agree and we don’t agree with the preposterous proposition that the only way to balance the budget is by raising taxes. America has a spending problem. The problem is not lack of taxes. As a matter of fact, fewer, simpler and lower taxes should be our long-term goal.

If American families had to roll back their spending to deal with the weak economy, why is it such an imposition to ask Congress to roll back government spending to 2007 levels when the budget deficit was measured in billions rather than trillions?

Cuts in every aspect of government spending will have to be contemplated, although legitimate functions of the federal government like defense should be spared as much as possible and, while entitlement spending needs to get under control, changes to Social Security and Medicare should not affect current recipients or those who will soon rely on these programs, but rather people still young enough to adjust their planning for retirement.

On Jan. 4, 2011, eighty-seven new Republican representatives will be sworn into the 112th Congress. These are people that have been elected on the promise to cut spending. Will the largest Republican majority in over sixty years, be able to cook up a budget that will get balanced without raising taxes?

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