Lame Duck Congress: “Clear Out. Vamoose. Scram. Go Play in the Street.”

December 3, 2010

The lame duck Democrats in Congress are frantically scrambling to pass items from their radical agenda that they failed to pass for the past two years when they were in control. Issues that they couldn’t get to while they had power are suddenly emergencies that have to be dealt with now: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (gays in the military), the DREAM Act (amnesty for illegal aliens), a pork-barrel loaded omnibus spending bill for 2011 and the START II Treaty with Russia.

Hugh Hewitt has written an excellent column, The Congress That Needs To Go Home, on the need for the lame duck Congress to end its session and go home:

This failed Congress needs to close up shop and go home. They have become the unwelcome house guest, staying and staying and indifferent to every hint the host can give to clear out. They are the neighbor across the hall who thinks nothing of knocking with an inane request in the middle of the night. They are the guy in the next room at the hotel who left his television on but fell asleep so you can listen to Sports Center all night through while he sleeps.

This Congress needs to go away. That which it did, it shouldn’t have done. That which is didn’t do, it can no longer do well.

Clear out. Vamoose. Scram.

Go play in the street.

Instead Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are desperately hanging on to the last moments they have control of Congress all the while blaming Republicans for their own failures. A silver lining in their ridiculous behavior is that it may discredit lame duck session of Congress to the point where they will not occur in the future. See Why the Lame Duck Congress Should be a Dead Duck .

To tell Congress how you feel about the lame duck session go to Lame Duck Hunting Petition and speak out.

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