Republican Leader on Democrat Tax Gimmicks: “Chicken Crap”

December 2, 2010

Republican leader and future House Speaker John Boehner expressed his anger today about the “chicken crap” games that the lame duck Democrats are playing with our tax rates and the fragile economic recovery:

Democrats continue to play political games with the largest tax increase in American history which will take effect in less than a month if Congress doesn’t act. They lie that they want to give “tax cuts” to the middle class when in fact no one is going to receive a tax cut. What is at stake is whether we keep tax rates where they have been for the past decade or whether we shock our weak economy back into recession with a tax increase.

They say that keeping the current rates “costs too much.” That is a fundamentally wrong premise. People’s incomes are not a cost to the government. It is not the government’s money. What people and small businesses earn by creating economic value is the engine that will bring our economy back from the brink of a depression.

For the past decade, Democrats have told us that George Bush’ tax cuts were only for “the rich.” Now they admit that the vast majority of the tax cuts enacted almost ten years ago benefited lower and middle income Americans. They want to continue the current tax rates for lower and middle income Americans and impose a tax increase on small business and Americans that will invest in economic growth that will create jobs.

Democrats will say anythings that suits them at a particular moment and aren’t troubled by the contradictions in their statements.

The American people are tired of politicians that consider their hard earned incomes property of the government. We are glad that John Boehner who is usually a calm guy, is showing his anger at the Democrats’ hypocrisy. We hope he will continue to be outraged by political lies and abuse of power when he become House Speaker in January.

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