Harry Reid is Right: Calls Hu a Dictator

January 19, 2011

We normally don’t agree with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on anything. So when Harry Reid is right about something, it deserves some attention. Watch Reid call President Hu of China, who is attending a state dinner at the White House tonight, a dictator:

Predictably Reid backpedals a little, but he is correct. China has been ruled by the Communist Party since 1949 and, while recent regimes have not been as murderous as the founder of Communist China, Mao Tse Tung, who between 1949 and 1976 caused the death of 40 to 70 million people, China is still ruled by a single party, which is engaged in genocide in Tibet and represses many of its people including 2010 Nobel Peace Laureate Liu Xiaobo.

China has been very successful economically by largely replacing communist economics with capitalism, so successful, that China today is in fact America’s banker owning a large portion of American government debt. China is also a rising military power building weapons that could become a threat to American military superiority. It is forming alliance and building basis to expand its power into the Indian and Pacific Oceans. And China continues to repress its people’s freedom including freedom of speech and religion.

We have hoped in vain for thirty years that economic liberalization will be followed by political liberalization. This has not happened. Formerly communist Eastern Europe has followed the opposite, and much more successful path: a change in the political system has been followed by economic liberalization and growth in wealth.

Our dependence on China for financing our debt is unfortunate and there are no quick short-term solutions. Our uneasy relationship with China is likely to continue. We need to remain alert to the potential threat China will pose to the United States in the decades to come.

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