Speaker Boehner Tells Harry Reid What He Thinks of Obamacare

January 5, 2011

It was a good moment in the House of Representatives today when Nancy Pelosi handed over the Speaker’s gavel to John Boehner.

Boehner is off to a good start. Responding to a letter from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and other Democrat Senators urging him not to have the House vote to repeal Obamacare, Boehner told Reid exactly what he thinks of that with this brief message:

Senators Reid, Durbin, Schumer, Murray and Stabenow:

Thank you for reminding us – and the American people – of the backroom deal that you struck behind closed doors with ‘Big Pharma,’ resulting in bigger profits for the drug companies, and higher prescription drug costs for 33 million seniors enrolled in Medicare Part D, at a cost to the taxpayers of $42.6 billion.

The House is going to pass legislation to repeal that now. You’re welcome.

– Speaker-Designate John Boehner’s Press Office

We hope that Speaker Boehner will stick to his guns as the leftist media and Democrats continue to urge him to compromise. Bipartisanship and compromise are liberal code words for Republicans giving up the principles on which they have been elected. When Democrats are in charge bipartisanship is doing what Democrats want to do. With 87 new Republicans in the House, many of them having won with crucial Tea Party support, we hope that Republicans will not go wobbly on us and stand up confidently for smaller government, less spending, a strong America and individual freedom.

Here is the transfer of the gavel from Pelosi to Boehner:

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