The Liberals’ Real Argument to Their Opponents in the Wake of Tuscon: “Shut Up!”

January 11, 2011

The Daily Caller reminded us today of something Florida Pundit posted in October, 2009 (The Left’s Argument: Shut Up) that is very relevant today given the reaction of many liberals to the tragedy in Tuscon:

Having run out of arguments for their discredited positions, liberals are desperate in their desire to silence their opponents. There is of course this little problem called the First Amendment guaranteeing freedom of speech which Rep. Giffords read on the floor of the House just last Thursday (See It Has Already Started: The Despicable Blame Game About the Shooting of Rep. Giffords). But now they glimpsed the possibility of linking conservative speech to violence and they are re-energized in their attempts to suppress conservative speech.

Never mind the shooter was a schizophrenic and that there is no shred of evidence linking his action to being influenced by talk radio or other conservative outlets. And even if there were such a link, what would be the relevance? That conservative ideas are not legitimate because in a country of 300 million people one person who uses such ideas to justify a violent, evil act? Hardly. If we apply such a standard we better start censoring all free speech until and we only allow mindless, happy blabbering.

This will affect not just political speech. Has anyone yet told Target to change its name and logo? Their website currently features something called “Bullseye Free Shipping”. Will the Left start boycotting Target and go shopping at Wal-Mart?

The Left is cynically trying to exploit the attack on Giffords and the killing of six people including a 9-year-old girl and a federal judge. But they don’t always apply the same standards. When last year a lone gunmen attacked the Discovery Channel and used Al Gore’s movie on global warming as justification – the Discovery Channel in his mind hadn’t been environmentalist enough – did the left condemn Al Gore for inciting violence? They did not, nor should they have.

But what is truly amazing is a different reaction on the left expressing sympathy with the shooter and his cause:

A wiser response would be to wonder if this troubled man might, despite his desperation and hostility, have had something worth considering. Perhaps he was trying to point our attention to a history that, if properly understood, might well help us envision a better future for life on earth. Perhaps if he felt more people were listening, and cared, he could have found a non-violent way to express his deepest passions.

This bizarre expression of sympathy for a killer was written by Michael Zimmerman and Bron Taylor in the Huffington Post. Just imagine the justified outrage if someone were to make an argument like this about the killer in Tuscon. Yet do you remember hearing any outrage about this commentary in one of the leading leftist blogs last September? I don’t.

Creating an imaginary link between Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh or anyone else and the Tuscon killer is nothing other than a cynical attempt to smear conservatives by people who have nothing to offer but bankrupt ideas and who only desire increasing the governments’ and often their own power over the rest of us.

So remember the most important reaction to the left’s despicable behavior: DON’T SHUT UP! Continue to express your ideas and why you believe they matter and don’t hesitate to attack your opponents and, yes, target them in elections!

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