Senator Rand Paul’s First Speech in Senate: Is Compromise a Good Thing?

February 3, 2011

Senator Rand Paul gave his first speech on the floor of the Senate addressing the constant call by the media and liberals for Tea Party candidates to compromise. He starts with a discussion of his famous predecessor from Kentucky, Henry Clay, whose career centered around compromises on slavery. Paul rejects Henry Clay’s type of compromise. He also gives examples of what type of compromise he is willing to consider: he will not compromise by agreeing to tax increases combined with spending cuts to reduce our deficit. But he is willing to compromise on where to cut spending.

Senator Paul’s speech should be required viewing for any weak-spined Republicans who are inclined to cave on principles in order to get along with the media and the Left. If they know what they stand for, they will know when to stick to their principles and when some give-and-take on how we implement these principles is acceptable.

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