South Florida Congressman Allen West gave the keynote speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Saturday. West predicted “a new dawn in America” if we stick with the the “three pillars of conservatism:” 1) effective and efficient constitutional government, 2) keeping peace through strength and 3) defending American values.

Support for these conservative principles elected eighty-seven new Republican Congressmen last November. West’s speech gave a different and more complete vision of conservatism than Rep. Ron Paul, the winner of the CPAC presidential straw poll. His message was received with standing ovations by the CPAC audience. Watch Rep. West’s inspiring speech:

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The Obama administration is now getting criticized by Democrats for their decision to sue Arizona over its immigration law. Freedom’s Lighthouse reports:

Arizona Democrat Gabrielle Giffords [tells] President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder: “We Need More Boots on the Ground, Not More Lawyers in the Courthouse.” Giffords made the comment in reaction to a statement by Holder that diverting funds to Border Security takes money away from the fight against dangerous terrorists. Giffords pointed out that gun battles are raging just south of the U.S. Boder among narco-terrorists, and said it is in the national security interests of the U.S. to secure the border.

President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have a history of ill-conceived, ideological decisions on where to apply Department of Justice resources.

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Florida Congressional Candidate Allen West gives a comprehensive critique of Obama’s complacency about illegal immigration. Listen to all 10 minutes of it! It is worth it!

Help Allen West go to Washington to change this country.

Listen to Allen West’s famous speech from last year.


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