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Never shy to twist language to its propaganda purposes, the people who have called 9/11 a “man-made disaster” and the war on Islamic terrorism, “global contingency operations” are ditching “global warming” in favor of “global climate disruption.” Obama’s Science Czar John Holdren urged people to start using the phrase during a speech last week in Oslo.

James Delingpole, a writer for the UK Telegraph comments on Holdren’s announcement:

Having noticed that there hasn’t actually been any global warming since 1998, he feels it ought to be called “global climate disruption” instead. That way whether it gets warmer or colder, wetter or drier, less climatically eventful or more climatically eventful, the result will be the same: it can all be put down to “global climate disruption.”

And that will be good, because it will give Holdren the excuse to introduce all the draconian measures he has long believed necessary if “global climate disruption” is to be averted: viz, state-enforced population control; a rewriting of the legal code so that trees are able to sue people; and the wholesale destruction of the US economy (“de-development” as he put it in the 1973 eco-fascist textbook he co-wrote [with] Paul and Anne Ehrlich Human Ecology: Global Problems And Solutions).

All this reminds us of George Orwell’s famous novel, 1984 in which a totalitarian regime replaces English with Newspeak, which redefines terms and eliminates words that would allow people to think freely or, in Orwell’s 1984 terms, commit “thoughtcrimes.”

Watts Up with That? points to a poll where you can vote for what should replace “global climate disruption” once it has been worn out and discredited:

The actual poll was taken here and the winner is Irritable Climate Syndrome.

Al Gore has been strangely quiet for a while. Is he lying low after the allegations of having acted like a “crazed sex poodle“?

We did a quick check of Gore’s tweets on Twitter and his blog and he hasn’t acknowledged the name change yet although we stumbled across another hilarious term: “climate denialism.” No doubt Florida Pundit is guilty of this thoughtcrime.


Leaving Al Gore

June 19, 2010

Al Gore has been strangely silent on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. His fellow Nobel Prize winner, President Obama, has tried to use this crisis to revive his floundering cap-and-tax (aka cap-and-trade) legislation that would cripple American industry. Gore, on the other hand, has not made news with new dire warnings about global warming from greenhouse gases. The only thing we have heard from Gore, who used to be one of our favorite targets on the loony left, is that his wife Tipper has left him.

Gore seemed to thrive during George W. Bush’ presidency. He made millions writing books, making movies and giving speeches instilling fear about a coming global climate apocalypse. Maybe the reason for Gore’s sinking into oblivion is that with the reign of Barack Obama and his assumption of powers that cannot be justified by anything in the Constitution, the American people have something to fear that is much more real and immediate than the hysterical rantings of Al Gore.

Here is Andrew Klavan’s on Al Gore:

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A year and a half into the Obama administration, we continue to hear that everything bad with the economy or in foreign policy is George Bush’ fault. So when President Obama started to be criticized for his slow, indecisive and inept handling of the Deepwater Horizon oil leak, it was not much of a surprise that senators and others started blaming President Bush and Dick Cheney. Never mind that the well was approved during the Obama administration and that the reason for why we drill for oil in 5,000 feet deep water is because of environmentalists who have made it impossible to get permits to drill in shallower waters closer to the coast where an accidental leak could be plugged much quicker.

The following CBS report on the separation of Al and Tipper Gore though takes Bush Derangement Syndrome to an entirely new level. It concludes with the claim that Gore’s winning the popular vote, but losing the electoral vote to George W. Bush in 2000 “caused the marriage irreparable harm.”

It is truly amazing how the left reconciles its portrayal of Bush as not very bright with the incredible influence he continues to have in their minds over every event where they need to find someone to blame. We are looking forward to President Obama running for reelection shifting blame for his own incompetence, corruption and failed radical ideas to George Bush.

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We have missed him. It has been quite some time since Al Gore has provided us entertainment.

Gore has emerged from hibernation during an unusually cold winter to inspire college graduates at the University of Tennessee. Well, maybe inspire is not the right word. Actually, if you subscribe to his religion of global warming you will be downright depressed after watching this. He even manages to bring subprime mortgages into his rant on global warming. No word on whether the University of Tennessee had grief counselors ready to help students who buy into Al Gore’s vision of the world.

So if you get frightened by the global warming alarmists, you may want to skip this video. On the other hand, if you don’t buy the global warming hysteria especially after ClimateGate, this may be good for a few laughs.

For more fun with Al Gore, click here.

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The news for the global warming movement just keeps getting worse. Yesterday, I discussed two scandals from last week and other troubling recent revelations regarding the credibility of the UN’s IPCC report and the global warming movement.

Today, the Telegraph provides details on another claim by the IPCC that doesn’t meet the standard of peer-reviewed science. Here is the IPCC claim about the threat that portions of the Amazon rain forest could rapidly vanish:

The paper cited was published by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and can be found here. The authors, Andy Rowell and P.F. Moore, turn out to be a freelance journalist and a policy analyst.

It gets worse. The Telegraph reports:

But the IPCC’s shamelessness did not end there. Dr North has searched the WWF’s reports high and low but can find no evidence of a statement to support the IPCC’s claim that “40 per cent” of the Amazon is threatened by climate change. (Logging and farm expansion are a much more plausible threat).

Watts Up with That? reports that this is not just another isolated incident and finds dozens of WWF papers that were used to support claims in the IPCC report.

…it turns out that the WWF is cited all over the IPCC AR4 report, and as you know, WWF does not produce peer reviewed science, they produce opinion papers in line with their vision. Yet IPCC’s rules are such that they are supposed to rely on peer reviewed science only. It appears they’ve violated that rule dozens of times…

The IPCC and Al Gore won the 2007 Nobel Prize for Peace for their work. Unfortunately, there is no mechanism for a recall.

Climategate has resulted in more scrutiny of the IPCC reports and global warming claims in general. However, this information was available before Climategate and the fact that journalists did not pick through the IPCC reports prior to Climategate demonstrates the bias or naive acceptance of global warming claims by much of the media.

What else will we find if journalists continue to go back to look at the scientific basis of the last decade or two of global warming claims?