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Marco Rubio, the next Senator from Florida, summarizes why he is running for office in one of the final ads of this election season. The Nov. 2 election is a generational choice, a choice between a renewed believe that America is an exceptional country where anyone can achieve their dreams however humble their origins and the Obama believe that America should become more like the rest of the world, a world where your birth limits what you can achieve.

Watch Marco Rubio express the essence of this election better than anyone:

Rubio has become known nationally for his ability to present the ideas of conservatives and the Tea Party movement. When he announced his candidacy, there was no Tea Party and he was trailing far behind the candidate who at the time was endorsed by the Republican establishment and who now has been reduced to the role of onstage heckler during the debates between Rubio and Democrat Kendrick Meek.

Hot Air calls this ad “the first ad of the 2016 presidential primary.” We prefer to be more optimistic and hope that a Tea Party Republican defeats Obama in 2012 and will be running for a second term in 2016. We have no doubt that Marco Rubio would be a great candidate for President one day, but right now we need the 39-year-old as a leader of the opposition to Obama socialism in the Senate.

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Florida senate candidates Marco Rubio, Kendrick Meek and Charlie Crist debated today at a nationally televised debate. Front-runner Marco Rubio clearly won the debate.

But a heckler frequently interrupted Rubio when it was Rubio’s turn to speak. Shark Tank reports:

Much to the surprise of the viewing audience, the debate was crashed by a “heckler” who disrupted the proceedings by showing a lack of respect for the moderators and for Mr. Rubio whom this ‘Heckler’ targeted. I am sure CNN is looking into how this heckler made it past security and into the debate room. “The Heckler’s” chameleon-like disguise was one of a kind and his actions showed that he has obviously mastered the art of deception and has perpetrated this kind of smoke and mirrors trickery before.

This “Heckler”, who actually made it on to the stage, can only be described as Superhero-like, with snow white hair, lean physique, and a very tan complexion. The Heckler has been identified as none other than the candidate ”of the people”, the “ I need your vote, what should I say now” candidate, the “ what do the pollsters think I should do” candidate. The “Heckler” of whom I refer to was none other than Governor Charlie “The Chuckster” Crist.

Rubio was responding to Governor Crist’s politically expedient ‘flip-flops’ on the issues, when Governor Crist lost it and began a rant that was aimed to talk over Rubio, simply to try to muzzle Rubio from laying a smackdown on him by detailing the reasons for the Governor’s change in party affiliation and the notorious, well documented changes in his positions on the issues.

Ed Morrissey of Hot Air
comments: “How can you tell Charlie Crist is getting desperate? His lips are moving — when it’s Marco Rubio’s turn to speak.”


Marco Rubio in Senate Debate

October 17, 2010

Some excerpts from the recent debate between Republican Marco Rubio, Democrat Kendrick Meek and “independent” Charlie Crist.

Here is Marco Rubio on the Obama stimulus:

Rubio on the lies Crist has been spreading about Rubio’s position on Social Security:

Rubio on the need to keep current tax rates rather than raise them the way Obama and Congressional Democrats want to do:

Finally, Rubio’s closing statement on why Floridians should vote for him:

Early voting starts Monday, October 18. Be sure to vote for Rubio for Senate, Rick Scott for Governor, Pam Bondi for Attorney General, Jeff Atwater for Chief Financial Officer, Adam Putnam for Commissioner of Agriculture, Republican candidates for Congress like Allen West and other Congressional, state and local candidates opposed to the Democrat agenda of socialism in America.

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Last week a Wall Street Journal article started rumors that Democrat Kendrick Meek was going to cut a deal with “Party of Me” candidate Charlie Crist and drop out of the race for the Florida senate seat. Republican Marco Rubio is continuing to widen his lead over both opponents. A recent Rassumssen poll of likely voters has Rubio receiving fifty percent of the vote with Crist getting twenty-five and Meek nineteen percent.

It would be a mind-twisting reversal for Meek who has spent a lot of money attacking Crist in TV ads to suddenly support Crist. Meek went on MSNBC to declare that he “is moving full steam ahead.” Meek’s goal at this point seems to be to pass Crist and finish in second place which would be a respectable achievement given Crist’s popularity as Florida governor at least before he started changing his position faster than his ties.

Marco Rubio has run a phenomenally successful campaign. He was the Tea Party candidate before there was a Tea Party. Rubio’s campaign should remain vigilant for a last minute October surprise from Crist, but the prospects of such a surprise seem to have gone done significantly based on Meek’s continuing attacks on Crist and his unqualified statement on MSNBC.

Marco Rubio will be the next Senator from Florida, Meek will have some future in the Democrat Party and Charlie Crist will get to retire from politics when Rick Scott is sworn in as the next Governor of Florida.

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The St. Petersburg Times reports on the incompetence of Florida politicians that caused the state to lose hundreds of millions in bad investments.

Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Alex Sink, who currently is the state Chief Financial Officers, was the key person responsible for the decisions made.

Three years ago, the state of Florida made bad investments that lost hundreds of millions in value. State leaders blamed the sharks of Wall Street, who they said duped Florida money managers into buying way-too-risky securities.

Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink pushed the state to sue big banks, which she said dumped tainted investments on Florida.

Gov. Charlie Crist demanded a no-holds-barred investigation and named four Wall Street firms that he suspected took advantage of the state.

Attorney General Bill McCollum wondered if there had been fraud and promised help with an investigation.

But no bank was prosecuted, no lawsuit was filed and there was never a full accounting of a financial debacle that could cost Florida governments and taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

Now the St. Petersburg Times has obtained e-mails and internal memos that document a story at odds with the one told by Crist, Sink and McCollum, the elected officials responsible for oversight of the state’s money managers.

The securities Wall Street “dumped” on Florida? The records show the state was anything but an innocent dupe; it was an eager partner.

Going back at least seven years, state money managers had been trying to find a way around rules that restricted them from buying certain risky securities. Time and again they asked, time and again lawyers told them no.

But so eager were Florida’s money managers for higher yields, they bought them anyway. In two months at the brink of the housing market meltdown in 2007, the state invested at least $9.5 billion in securities it was not authorized to buy, a review of confidential memos shows.

”Florida can’t say it got snookered,” said Peter Henning, a Wayne State University law professor and securities law expert, when told what the documents said.

“They were chomping at the bit to buy risky securities. … These weren’t lambs being led to the slaughter. They weren’t fooled. … They seemed to go along quite happily.”

Ed Morrisey comments on the wisdom of Florida voters in rejecting Governor Charlie Crist, who faces near certain defeat running as an independent for Senate against Marco Rubio, and Attorney General Bill McColumn, who lost the Republican nomination to Tea Party candidate Rick Scott. Voters should now reject Alex Sink in favor of Rick Scott for governor.

This proves the wisdom of the anti-establishment impulse among Florida Republicans this year. Both Charlie Crist and Bill McCollum were the anointed candidates for the Senate and Governor, respectively. Crist has already been exposed as using party funds for his family vacation at Disneyworld, and now Crist appears to have misled Floridians on the nature of the state’s activities in the market. McCollum would have had a difficult time explaining himself in this instance as well after having encouraged a criminal investigation, although he at least didn’t appear to politicize it to the extent that Crist did, who publicly accused four Wall Street firms of intentionally defrauding the state.

The main culpability belongs to Sink, however. She had the fiduciary duty to perform due diligence on the agencies handling these investments, as well as enforce the law in handling Florida’s treasury. Instead, Sink and her team appear to have tried to find ways around the law, and in the end broke them to jump on a bandwagon as the wheels came off. Later, when the collapse came, Sink looked for ways to blame others for her lack of oversight and discipline, as did Crist and McCollum, who were also trustees to the fund.

Sink has served as Florida’s CFO since January 2007. The illegal purchases that lost hundreds of millions of dollars in bad investments happened entirely on her watch. If Sink couldn’t handle her primary duty as CFO nor own up to her failings in that position, Florida should hardly trust her with broader responsibilities. They should be chasing her out of the position she holds now.

On November 2, 2010, elect Rick Scott for Governor so that we can clean up the mess left by Florida’s establishment politicians. Read about his 7-7-7 blueprint for Florida’s future.