After terrible low job growth in November and the official unemployment rate again approaching 10 percent, it is time for Democrats to man up and stop playing their little propaganda games. Are Democrats going to increase taxes on the American people and send us back into recession or are they going to keep American tax rates where they have been for the past decade?

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President Obama continues to be in denial about why he lost the 2010 election. He arrogantly believes that voters did not understand what he has been doing the past two years.

Wrong, Mr. President. We heard you loud and clear. What you need to do now is take off the ideological ear plugs and hear what the voters have told you in this election: we reject your ideology that government should pick winners and loser in the economy, that government should take an ever expanding role in our lives and that America is not exceptional and has to apologize to the rest of the world for its actions before the era of your presidency.

What we told you is not hard to understand: we reject your policies and beliefs; we believe that what has made America great and unique among nations is the idea that our government should be limited in what it can do by the Constitution; we believe that the federal government has become too large and powerful, spends too much and taxes us too much; we believe that the right policies to get our economy to grow again is to remove uncertainty by stopping your socialist policies. We need to cut spending and regulation, cut taxes and stop unconstitutional mandates such as forcing individuals to buy health insurance. You and the politicians in Congress are not absolute rulers who can impose their will on the American people. You and our elected representatives are in Washington to listen to us and serve us, not the other way around.

If you continue to be in denial about what the American voters have told you, we will exercise our rights in 2012 and ensure that you will be a one-term president and that your party will be in the minority until it reforms. We don’t really think that you are capable of changing, but we believe it is only fair to tell you our terms under which we accept elected politicians in Washington.

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If you live in San Francisco and are not a committed socialist this election must have been very depressing: Jerry Brown is governor again, Barbara “Don’t Call Me Ma’am” Boxer is still a senator from California and Nancy Pelosi still represents San Francisco residents in the House of Representatives.

But there is more. This one will upset your children. San Francisco has banned McDonald’s Happy Meals, at least in the form they are served in the rest of the country.

In recognition, Reason TV has awarded its latest Nanny of the Month award to San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar, who sponsored what Hot Air calls the “Mom’s Too Dumb To Decide What Her Kid Eats Act.”

This month’s top busybody is the pol who sponsored the ordinance to make happy meals sad, the one who hopes his “food justice” agenda goes nationwide.

Presenting the Nanny of the Month for October 2010: San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar!

What is wrong with California?

There was a time when California was the most innovative, entrepreneurial place in the United States. We fondly remember that great Californian who once was governor of the state and went on to become the greatest president of the 20th century – Ronald Reagan.

California and particularly San Francisco are good places to check what the left wants to do next to the entire country. The state of California is a giant pilot program that demonstrates the results of socialist policies. Whether it is high taxes, reckless spending, excessive regulation, cap-and-tax carbon legislation or what Eric Mar calls “food justice”, when it comes to bad leftist ideas in California you get to have them all.

Over the past couple of years, courts have diverted water from California’s once great agriculture to protect one subspecies of a small fish. Unemployment in the agricultural region of the Central Valley has reached Great-Depression-era levels. Companies and the jobs they provide are fleeing California for states with a more business-friendly climates like Texas, Arizona and Florida.

But maybe it is not such a bad thing that Jerry Brown, Barbara Boxes and other Democrats still win in California. They provide a great example that should scare straight people in the rest of the country who still flirt with Democratic socialism. Today, it was reported that Nancy Pelosi wants to hang on to be the House Minority Leader. Together with President Obama, and Nevada’s Harry Reid, Pelosi forms a national trio from which more and more Americans recoil.

Too bad California did not legalize marijuana. More pot heads voting in the next election should have made the California experience even scarier.

If you do live in California and are unhappy with your state becoming to America what Greece is to Europe, maybe we can start a welcome program for California exiles here in Florida. We already have exiles from places like communist Cuba and we value the contributions they make to our state.

We too have sunny weather. For disasters we have hurricanes, which you can see coming and prepare for, instead of earthquakes, which take you by surprise.

In this election, Florida has driven Democrats from all statewide offices with the exception of Senator Bill Nelson who we will replace in 2012. Both houses of our state legislature have Republican super majorities. There is no state income tax. Real estate is a bargain again. Our governor-elect, Rick Scott, has a plan to make Florida a model of free market innovation and we just sent Marco Rubio, a son of Cuban exiles, to Washington. Senator-elect Rubio is widely considered one of two or three rising superstar in the conservative movement with the qualities to be President one day if he chooses to run. Democrats are already having regular nightmares about Rubio.

So come on over to Florida and live the dream you thought you could have in California.

It is a shame that as a result of the already ongoing exodus from California, the loony left will become a bigger share of the remaining population of voters. We’ll still enjoy your great wines and visit to see magnificent sites like Yosemite, but increasingly visiting California will be more like visiting a strange impoverished country that has failed to take advantage of all its natural advantages.


President Obama gave a press conference today in which he tried to spin the election outcome as being the result of voters’ frustration with the slow economic recovery rather than a rejection of his policies. He wants to “mix and match” policies with Republicans. He said that we could make minor modifications to Obamacare. How generous.

No! There can be no compromise on principles!

Obama, Congressional Democrats and the left-wing media call for “compromise” which is code for Republicans giving up the policies they campaigned for. In 2008, when Democrats won, the media, of course, did not call on Democrats to compromise and President Obama told House Republicans when asked to consider their ideas: “We won!”

Republicans need to stand firm and recognize that the winning side is not the side that needs to make concessions. That is the role of the side that has lost the election – the Democrats.

Republicans should immediately push for keeping all the Bush tax cuts. It would be preferable for this to be addressed in the lame duck Congress, but if the Wicked Witch of the West, departing Speaker Nancy Pelosi, blocks this, it needs to be implemented retroactively in January by the new Congress. Even in the Senate there will be enough Democrats supporting an extension of the tax cuts. They just need to break Harry Reid, the villain that has returned, so that the Senate gets to vote.

Next Republican in the House should move to repeal Obamacare. Not tinker at the margin. Repeal it. It is bad policy that will increase health care costs and limit choices. If you get seriously ill, you will face de-facto death panels even if they are called something else, all disguised in nice rhetoric. And the way Obamacare was rammed through Congress by Reid and Pelosi was a perversion of the rule of law. If Senate Democrats block repeal or the President vetoes it, so be it. Republicans can still stop a lot of Obamacare by refusing to fund it and the choice for the voters in 2012 will be crystal clear.

Third, House Republicans need to cut spending. They could enact across the board cuts to bring spending back to 2007 levels when we had a deficit less than a tenth of what it is today. Sure, some items can’t easily be cut and defense cuts are, in Florida Pundit’s opinion, not desirable. But we can also start eliminating programs. Start small with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) which gained increased notoriety in October when its subsidiary, National Public Radio (NPR), fired Juan Williams and suggested that he needs a psychiatrist for expressing on Fox News how he feels when he sees people in Muslim dress on airplanes. After eliminating subsidies for CPB, we can move on to bigger fish.

Republicans must commit to banning all earmarks. Earmarks don’t account for a large percentage of spending, but they are, in the words of Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn, a “gateway drug” that gets representatives hooked on all kinds of other spending.

These steps will be a good beginning. But they are only a beginning. Republicans should have the courage to tackle entitlement reform. Voters are receptive to doing this more than ever before. Without change, Social Security and Medicare will bankrupt America. Of course, we need to keep commitments made to retired Americans and those close to retirement. But there is no reason, for example, not to raise the retirement age by a couple of years. Life expectancy is a lot longer today than when Social Security was first passed in the 1930s. The goal is to preserve security for senior citizens now and in the future.

We would like to see Republicans adopt Paul Ryan’s plan for restoring America to fiscal discipline.

As Senator-elect Marco Rubio said, voters did not embrace the Republican Party. They did reject Democrats and, for lack of a realistic alternative, they have put Republicans on probation.

Now Republicans need to earn back the trust of the American people by doing what they said they would do. Republican initiatives will be blocked by Democrats in the Senate although, given the number of Democrat Senators up for re-election in 2012, it would not be surprising if a handful of Democrats in the Senate start voting with Republicans.

Obama can veto anything that reaches his desk. Fine. The choice in 2012 will be that much clearer.

If Republicans do not stick to the principles that they were elected to defend, there is a big danger a third party movement will split the opposition to Obama socialism in 2012. The result: Obama gets reelected and Democrats are back in control of Congress.

If, however, Republicans stick with their principles, we will be poised for the next big step in returning America to Constitutional government: defeat Obama in 2012 and elect a Republican majority in the Senate.

So, congratulations to all the candidates that won on Tuesday. Now get to work. Don’t forget why you were elected and realize that if you are seduced by power your tenure will be very short. If you are tempted, go talk to Congressman-elect Allen West or listen to one of his speeches. He will inspire you and recommit you to stay true to your principles!


If you have small children, you may have read to them the story If You Give a Mouse a Cookie in which a little boy is worn down by a mouse’s increasing requests after he gives the mouse a cookie. Here is a hilarious version of the story replacing the mouse with a Democrat donkey:

It is time to tell the donkey to leave.